Frequently Asked Questions.


The time it takes can vary greatly depending on:
• the requirements of the immigration category we are applying under
• the completeness of the application
• how easily INZ can check the information provided
• how well and how quickly you respond to any concerns INZ raise with us.
Processing times can also vary between INZ offices. When they accept the application, they will either give us a decision, or inform us within 14 days how long the processing time is expected to be.

The amount of verification and double-checking the application requires can affect the time it takes to process an application. The more verification required; for example work visa or residence applications, the longer it takes.

INZ may find that we need to provide them with further information before they can make a decision on the application, which will also add to the processing time.How long will it take Immigration New Zealand (INZ) to process my visa application?


Contact your lawyer in the first instance; they should be able to arrange a regular schedule to provide updates. It’s a much better option than repetitive phoning and emails.

Why should I use an Immigration Adviser/Lawyer?

You are not required by INZ to have an agent or representative to apply for any visa.  INZ  do not provide preferential service to Advisers/lawyers.  However, Immigration policies can be complex and difficult to interpret.  That’s why experience counts.   An experienced lawyer/adviser can identify the best pathways and offer an in-depth understanding of how INZ works and what is required to put your ‘best foot forward’.  Using a lawyer/licensed adviser provides added security and accountability to protect you as the client.

What will LL's service cost?

Legal fees vary greatly depending on the circumstances in each individual case. In order to provide you with an accurate fee estimate in relation to your individual circumstances we recommend booking an initial consultation with one of our team. Our team will assess your circumstances, let you know your future options and chances of success and provide you with a fee estimate. This appointment is obligation free meaning that you are under no obligation to engage our services.

How long will it take to get a decision on my residence?

INZ processing times for residence cases is approximately 6-12 months, sometimes longer.  If we have lodged a residence application for you please discuss a suitable update schedule with your lawyer.

How long will it take to get a decision on my residence?

INZ processing times for residence cases is approximately 6-12 months, sometimes longer.  If we have lodged a residence application for you please discuss a suitable update schedule with your lawyer.

Why does the initial consultation cost?

Because its fair, if you want a proper assessment of your case, to pay a nominal amount for our time and trouble. An initial consult is a no obligation serviceto help you make a decision on your path to a New Zealand visa.  A lawyer will meet with you to assess your position, advise your options and best path of action.

What happens if I am an overstayer?

If you need to remain in New Zealand, you must submit a request (under Section 61, Immigration Act 2009), otherwise you should make immediate arrangements to leave New Zealand.  Once deportation processes begin, it rarely ends well.  Please contact our office if you are unsure and one of our team can discuss this with you.

I'm in a relationship with a Nzer. Can I get a visa,and for how long?

Potentially – this would be determined by the genuine and stable nature of your relationship and how long you have spent living together.


How do I apply to come to New Zealand as a skilled migrant?

If you have the skills New Zealand needs and want to make New Zealand your long-term destination, the Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) offers you the opportunity to move to New Zealand to work and live permanently.  If you would like to discuss your options or suitabilty under this category please contact our office and we can arrange for one of our staff to contact you.

Why should I use Luscombe Legal?

We have the skills and expertise. We can help you with the requirements to legally participate in the New Zealand way of life.  Small differences in peoples’ lives, can lead to immigration policy being very different for you compared to your neighbour or friend.

Handling over 600 cases per year, we have a working knowledge of the New Zealand Immigration law and policy to ensure we achieve the best possible result. Removing as much of the stress factor as possible and providing you with down to earth honest advice, through each step.

You can lodge your application with immigration yourself.  Before doing so, you should know:

– Many applications are rejected due to simple errors, omissions in the application, or insufficient supporting documentation.
– Instructing an advisor after an application is lodged with INZ can be much too late and lead problems that even lawyers and judges can’t fix.  It can be much more expensive too.

How do I know if I will qualify for a New Zealand visa?

Please contact us to discuss.  We can arrange for one of the team to contact you to gain an understanding of your position and discuss our services.

What does an initial appointment cost?

Initial consultations cost $150, you can expect time with an immigration lawyer to discuss your personal circumstances and they will identify your best visa options and chances of success. You will also be provided with a fee estimate, if requested.

If you would like a full assessment regarding a possible application for residency as a skilled migrant we offer a written assessment for $350, you can expect time with an immigration lawyer to discuss your personal circumstances, have your employment agreement and job description reviewed, and receive a full report (including a points assessment) detailing any concerns with your case and whether you are eligible for residency. You will also receive a detailed fee estimate.

Have you heard anything from immigration?

We endeavour to update you as soon as we have any further information from INZ regarding your application, it is in yours and ours best interests to do so.  If you require regular updating please discuss this with your lawyer, they will be able to come to a suitable arrangement.

What happens if my application is declined?

Dependent on the application type and provided you are still lawful in New Zealand you can request a reconsideration on your application, or potentially submit a new application.  If we have lodged the application for you we will communicate all your options and advise the best course of action and any possible fees associated.

I have a job offer - can you help me get a work visa?

Yes, probably.  Please contact us for an initial consultation to determine if you will be eligible for a work visa

I don't have a computer - can you help me to apply online?

Yes, you will need to provide us with some standard information and any documents required by Immigration New Zealand

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