Immigration Law

Immigration rules are complicated, scary or just plain confusing. An experienced professional to talk you through your options and manage your application will minimise the risk of failure.

We have the skill and expertise to assist you in completing the requirements in order to legally participate in the New Zealand way of life.

Small differences in peoples’ lives, can lead to immigration policy being very different for you compared to your neighbor or friend.

Handling over 600 cases per year, we have a working knowledge of the New Zealand Immigration law and policy to ensure we achieve the best possible result. Removing as much of the stress factor as possible and provide you with down to earth honest advice, through each step.

You can lodge your application with immigration yourself.  Before doing so, you should know;

Many applications have been rejected due to simplistic errors, omissions in the application, or insufficient supporting documentation.

Instructing an advisor after an application is lodged with Immigration NZ and is met with problems, can cause further complications.


Useful Links

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    We think this NZ government website is the best website for giving an overview on living in NZ. From Health, Education, Housing, Driving, jobs and bringing your pets to NZ. This website touches on every subject making it easier to transition to NZ life.

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