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Well what a summer it was here in the beautiful Hawkes Bay! Did you know that two of our lawyers Mark and Bevan represent a LOT of different sports groups around NZ??  The boys were kept busy with a lot of visa and contract work for sports teams around the country over Summer, to make sure the clubs Luscombe Legal act for have all the players that they want for the upcoming Winter season.

Summer is the off-season for traditional Winter sports like basketball, rugby, and soccer/football so this is the time when all clubs are hunting for the best offshore talent to join their team and complement the great local talent we have here in New Zealand.

Luscombe Legal is the firm of choice to handle sports law, visa and contract matters for a number of sports organisations around the country including:

  • Basketball
    • Basketball New Zealand
    • Bay Hawks
    • Basketball Hawke’s Bay
  • Rugby
    • Hawke’s Bay Rugby Union
    • Hawke’s Bay Magpies
  • Football/Soccer
    • Hawke’s Bay United
    • WAIBOP
    • Ngaruwahia United
    • Napier City Rovers
    • Wellington Olympic
    • Napier Marist
    • Central Football
    • Hawke’s bay Futsal
  • Hockey
    • Hawke’s Bay Hockey
    • Hawke’s Bay Artificial Surfaces Trust
  • Other
    • Hawke’s Bay Wakeboarding

You will be interested to know that the players are coming from all around the world – at the moment we are representing players from Argentina, Canada, Fiji, Ghana, Guam, Guatemala, the United Kingdom and the USA. It is important to note that the players are very experienced and we must prove their track record to Immigration NZ in order for visas to be granted.

There is a lot of work that goes into the contracts and visa applications for sports players. Our job at Luscombe Legal is to make sure that everything in the process goes as smoothly as possible for the clubs and the players, so they can focus on training and playing their chosen sport.

Not only do we do the work for the clubs and players but we work with the club to help promote and market the clubs and players through sponsorship.

By having top quality players from overseas play here it helps to develop sport in NZ. Our import players have great experience that they share with Kiwi players, so it’s a win-win situation for the clubs, players, as well as you and us – the fans who get to watch the action!

As a sportsperson the most common ways to come to NZ and play sport is via:

– Working holiday scheme, or

– Specific purpose work visa, or

– Being in a relationship with a Kiwi

Depending on the talent of the player, submissions can also be made to the Minister of Immigration if the player is really special – in order to ask that the player is granted residence. If the player has EXCEPTIONAL talent then submissions can be made to the Minister of Internal Affairs to request that the player is granted citizenship as an exception to normal policy so the player can represent New Zealand at international level such as the Olympics, for example, or any other international competition. But this doesn’t mean that there are shortcuts – you still must demonstrate that you meet all the other normal requirements to be granted a visa, like being healthy and not being a criminal, for example.

It has been a very busy time but we are glad to report that all the work for Winter is complete, so now we can sit back and enjoy watching all the sport on offer, withall the players represented by Luscombe Legal!

The legal field is just the same as being on the sports field – there are wins, and there are losses. What is important is that the hard work is done in order to maximise the prospects of success – and that is what we do here at Luscombe Legal – working hard for you in order to achieve positive outcomes.

If you are a sports club that needs help bringing in international talent to NZ to play for you, or if you are a sportsperson wanting to know about the process to come to NZ to play your chosen sport then we welcome the opportunity to talk to you more about your needs.









Bevan O’Connor

Lawyer – Luscombe Legal.

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